Spanish Potato chips

Ibérica are the deepest essence of the food soul of Spain ever created.

Chips and Tapas mean moments of fair, party and joy; real fiesta tasting for everybody. Feel Spain at a bite.

Spaniard Ham

Curado Cheese

Himalayan Salt

Grilled Chorizo

Black Truffle

The Spaniard

Crafted Cooked

Mediterranean Herbs

Honey Mustard

Iberica Sangria

Spaniard Ham

Nothing compares with a good Spaniard ham with a glass of red wine in our table.

Now you can enjoy this amazing combination easily. Open a good wine and one of our chips and allow yourself to enjoy this amazing experience.

Curado Cheese

In Spain we are famous because of our intense goat cheese, mutton cheese and cow cheese.

On this cheese we combine the best kind of cheeses to give the chip a perfect flavor, perfect to be combined with red wine or champagne.

Himalayan Salt

Not the regular potato chips with salt, instead we use a fine salt, Himalayan Pink Salt. The perfect taste, not too salty, just the perfect quantity to enjoy a classic but stylish Potato Chip salted.

Grilled Chorizo

Prepare a BBQ with your friends and family and enjoy a good grilled chorizo, accompanied by a refreshing beer is one of the things we enjoy most in Spain. Try this never seen before flavour in potato chips and feel a Spanish BBQ experience.

Black Truffle

Black Truffle Flavored potato chips combines perfectly with red wine, white wine or just as a gourmet and delicacy dish. Also we use it to cook the traditional spanish potato omelette.

The Spaniard

We bring the Spanish essentials ingredients in one and unique bag. Fantastic spaniard ham, the intense olive oil and our fresh and perfect tomato will make you experience the real spanish taste.


The most selected and carefully fried potatoes are collected to create our reference that represents the cooking as our ancestors used to make it.

Potato, oil and salt is the secret formula with which we elaborate one of the products that most represents the family tradition. Enjoy this delicacy in classic flavor or try it with black truffle.


Made with fresh vegetables ingredients, Mediterranean Herbs is one of the most popular potato chips in Spain as an appetizer before a meal with friends. Onion, garlic, paprika or parsley are some of the ingredients of this vegetable mix that will surprise your palate. Murcia is “La Huerta” of Europe and these flavors are its results.

Honey mustard

Delight your palate with this combination of two flavors used for culinary gastronomy in Spain: The classic medium bitter touch of mustard combined with the softness and sweetness of honey. A fresh flavor that will conquer the 5 senses of anyone.


Sangria is a classic at all Spanish parties and is used as an appetizer or as a drink to accompany a meal. Sangria has always been made at home to welcome our guests. The recipe seems simple, with few main ingredients, but it is an art to be able to serve it at its optimum point of alcohol, flavor and temperature.

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